FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Do You Hold the Images after our Purchasing Session?

The best time to decide what you’d like to take home is at your Purchasing Session. If for any reason you need more then one Purchasing Session to make your decisions, it is $75 to hold the images for additional consultations. However, the $75 comes off any future order you place!

Do I have to pay for my pictures in full?

There are a number of ways for you to own and enjoy your photos - Credit Card payments are accepted and we offer convenient payment plan options. There is no minimum spend and no obligation to purchase any products after your session. 

Do You Edit or Retouch Your Images?
We take alot of pride in our photographs - anything you purchase will be impeccably edited by some of the most talented Digital Artists in the country. While we focus mostly on colour correction, if you have any requests for retouching please mention them at the time of your Purchasing Session.